Friday, March 18, 2005

Smucker's Believe It Or Not

I always enjoy those group games where you’re given a paper listing unusual qualities or experiences such as, "I survived a plane crash" or "I can walk down stairs on my hands" and you go around the room and ask questions until you figure out which factoid is true for which person.

Here’s my top-of-the-list Unique Fact about myself: I once had lunch with a man who about six years before had shaken hands with Osama bin Laden.

On a similar vein, I enjoy hearing about Surreal Moments, those times that may have seemed perfectly logical at the moment but looking back seem strange and upside down and almost unreal.

Such as: the time I was 8 months pregnant and toting a heavy vacuum cleaner out to the end of a long boat dock in the Canadian bush.
(Or doesn't that sound as odd as I think it does?)

Or the time Jenny and I were sitting in a very hot church service in a village in Kenya and suddenly had about 50 ants crawling all over us.

Or the time we were in the Abu Dhabi airport at 2:00 in the morning and Paul was having an animated discussion with a big Emirati in a white robe and checkered keffiyah and Emily was horribly sick from her typhoid shot and I turned around and saw her sitting BEHIND the counter and luggage scanner in one of the Official Chairs for the Official People beside an amused Official Woman in a black robe and scarf.

My Unique Facts and Surreal Moments seem to involve travel, but I’m sure people have plenty of them close to home.

So, tell me yours.

Quote of the Day:
"They’re not ninger-fails, they’re fail-ningers."
--Jenny, trying to set me straight when I told her it’s time to trim her ninger-fails. I like spoonerisms and she likes to say things RIGHT.


  1. I guess one of my "moments" would be, hiding behind some trees with my sister in a village in the jungles of India, after catch a glimpse of the bride and her procession as they went by, with lanterns lighting up the night, on their way to her future husbands house, to be married the next day. We had the privilege of attending the wedding. The bride and bridegroom had never met before!! She was only a 14 year old girl. That was a truly surreal moment for me.
    I was only 14 myself, and so about 2 days later, the bride and her sister-in-law came to my house to play!!

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