Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Ultimate Kitchen Gadget

I am not a fancy-kitchen-gadget person. I like my basics, sharp knives and a wire whisk and dippers. Now and then I get attached to a device like an egg slicer, but not often.

I roll my eyes when the Tupperware lady goes into raptures about the latest pickle strainer. My melon ballers and orange peelers hibernate in the back of the drawer.

But the other day in a kitchen store at the coast I saw the Ultimate Kitchen Gadget. It looks like a semi-stiff, semi-clear mitten—nothing impressive. But actually it is a $19.99 silicone oven mitt, capable of protecting your hands to 600 degrees, not only when pulling cookie sheets out of the oven, but, since it’s waterproof, when plunging your hands into a kettle of boiling water to retrieve an ear of corn or jar of applesauce.

Is that cool—no pun intended—or what?

I couldn’t justify buying it--after all, I do have plenty of oven mitts and tongs. But still, it was really one of the most impressive gadgets I’ve ever seen.

Quote of the Day—
"Matt hugs like he’s practiced on seed sacks."


  1. Oooh, I have seen commercials for that gadget ; it looks amazing. I have also seen cookie pans and muffin tins made of silicone that allow whatever you're cooking just to slip right off of the baking dish. Technology is fun, eh?

  2. matt - stop hugging feed bags and give mom a few. i am sure she will give you a few pointers , and you will get a benefit of mom floating 6 inches off the floor for a few hours.
    -aunt geneva

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