Monday, July 27, 2009

Aunt Dorcas Needs You. . .

I'm working on a bit of a writing/research project and need your input. If you have/had a child with a chronic illness (or if you've had such an illness yourself) and would be willing to fill out a questionnaire, please send me an email at

Various ones of you have emailed me over the last two years. I would really like to hear from you again and hear your story in more detail.


Quote of the Day:
"The moth died easily."
--a line in Emily's new book that my brother Fred thought was almost Hemingway-esque


  1. Karen Layman7/28/2009 7:45 PM

    dumb question perhaps......
    does my Mariah have what is considered a "chronic illness"? If so I would be glad to contribute in any way I can. :-)

  2. Karen--of course you and Mariah "qualify"

  3. Dorcas,

    I suffer from a chronic illness. Could I help?