Friday, July 17, 2009

FYI 4 BMA ppl

Amy and Emily plan to be at the BMA convention in Indiana next weekend (July 24-26).

They will have a table in the display area and will have Emily's new book and my three books available for sale.

My guess is they won't personally be at the table that much, but if you see two animated sisters who talk and gesture alike but look very different--one tall and dark-haired, one short and freckled and reddish-haired--chances are good they're Amy and Emily and would be happy to sign books or just say hi.

We were happy that the BMA powers that be approved Em's book even though the girl in the cover photo, who isn't Emily by any stretch, is rather bare-shouldered and un-Mennonite. Thanks to them and you for understanding.

After much anticipation, I finally got to read "Emily" when Jenny brought my copy along home from Colorado. And what should I discover on page 3 but that it's dedicated to . . . ME!! I had no idea that was coming. I think it's a wonderful book--a grand mixture of tears and laughter and a lot in between. Parts of it were really hard to re-live, and parts made me howl with laughter, like her dream that she got a snakebite and had only an hour to live but her dad wouldn't take her to the hospital until he knew which was the least expensive. Maybe you have to live with Paul to "get" that one.

Quote of the Day:
Jenny: What's that stuff?
Me: Marinade.
Jenny: What's marinade?
Steven: The opposite of lemonade.


  1. Sometimes I think that Richard has Smucker genes!!! Why is considered taboo to ask how much something is going to cost at a hospital? We were just trying to get an estimate for my gallbladder surgery and no one would give us an answer. Richard was persisant because not knowing drives him nuts. Then they turn to me and ask me if I have a safe place to go, which of course makes him feel terrible. Trish

  2. Goodness, Trish, I hadn't heard that story but all I can say is that was NOT NICE OF THEM to be tight-lipped about the cost and then to imply that he was abusive. How insulting.

  3. I am not BMA but live close by to where the conference will be. I have to work that weekend, but I am hoping that my cousin (who is BMA) can pick up a copy of Emily's book and a copy of your new book for me. Could you tell me how much they will be so I can give the $ to my cousin? You can email me at or comment below this. Thanks! Lori

  4. Lori--My books are $10 each. Emily's is $8. Thanks for asking.