Sunday, April 10, 2005

Barfing and Stuff

Amy had a terrible stomach bug last week and threw up numerous times. It was awful, she declared.

A few days later she said thoughtfully, "So, Mom, is that what it was like when you were pregnant?"

"Amy," I said, wanting to put it plainly but at risk of sounding overly dramatic, "when I was pregnant, it was like a bad stomach flu and being on the very verge of throwing up, 24 hours a day, every day, for weeks and months on end.

On her face, for the first time, was a dawning of understanding, a heartfelt sympathy for my sufferings. When I was pregnant with Jenny, the older children used to have hilarious contests to see who could sound the most like Mom Throwing Up. So it was a profound and beautiful moment when Amy first comprehended a little bit what it took to birth her and give her life.

Quote of the Day:
"If you get cold everywhere, that’s malaria."
--Steven, expressing concern for my health since I was shivering in our drafty house and he was sure there was something wrong with me


  1. I think that Amy really understood that answer! Nothing like having a life experience that can be used to express a vivid picture in the mind of how Moms suffer to bring life into the world. There is also a good lesson on Genesis 3 in this too. That look of comprehension on Amy's face must have been very rewarding for you as a Mom.

  2. Yes, it was rewarding, but I pray she may be spared the same experience.

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