Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Honestly, this is too much drama for one day.

Within the last 24 hours I talked to my sister on the phone and learned that the pastor and the worship leader in their church both resigned, sending huge shock waves through their (huge) church, and everyone is calling her to dump and since they are good friends with the pastor, she and her husband know the Inside Scoop and feel like they are thrust into the middle of the situation even though they are the newcomers on the scene and WHAT are people implying about the role her husband should play in all this??

I also talked to an extended-family member who is in shock because all of a sudden all kinds of wild family secrets are coming out of the woodwork and Aunt Jean isn’t quite who she always seemed to be and an old friend of the family has more significance than she ever dreamed.

Then I talked to my brother who took an overloaded semi over a 16-ton bridge and met a police car about a quarter-mile further and barely managed to save his hide by turning into a Georgia-Pacific distributing center. I’ll grant this doesn’t have the drama of the previous phone call but my brother tells it in such a way that your heart pounds just like his when you "see" that police car turning the corner.

Then there is all the normal drama of life on top of that like a raccoon scattering a bag of trash over the yard, finding out that Steven shared his ice cream cone with Miss Kropf’s dog on Sunday (yes, they took turns licking), sending Ben down to the creek to look for the tent that the ‘middle kids’ set up without asking and that floated away when the creek rose, and sewing Amy’s graduation dress which involves lots of nailbiting drama.

Like I said, it was almost too much for one day. My friend Sharon asked me today if it would work out to get together to have a nervous breakdown some day this week. I’m thinking Friday should do.

Quote of the Day:
"It’s hard, when you have two people that like you, to decide which one to marry."
--Jenny, who has no reason that I know of to worry about this yet


  1. Note to Jenny: Let your folks decide. :) In fact, since they're both of the teaching sort, I'll bet they could come up with a good test for you to give potential suitors! And likely even a test for you to take regarding potential suitors.

  2. Sharon, you sound just like Pooh! : )

  3. You know, Jenny just put into words a dilemma that some women find themselves in. (Or if not "which to marry?" it's "which to date?" ) Of course, the rest of us never found ourselves in such a position; we were just glad to have one man to date.... : )

  4. Sharon, thanks for stopping by today. I'd call that a short-n-sweet nervous breakdown.

    Mark--believe me, these poor future suitors of our daughters will have some major hurdles to jump over. (My brother offered to get Paul a double-barreled shotgun when the first daughter turns 16 but we won't go quite that far.
    But tests? You bet.

    Sheryl, if Jenny ever faces that dilemma she will have to look somewhere besides me for empathy. I'll probably send her to my sisters who had many more men flocking to their doors than I ever did and who tried to tell me I was lucky to be unpursued but I never believed them for a second. Oh to have such problems, I thought.