Monday, May 30, 2005


I have my monthly article due tomorrow so I am of course in Desperation mode, having been occupied with Irene's funeral and Amy's graduation this month, neither of which lend themselves to having time and energy to write.

So today, when others were happily relaxing on the holiday, I had my nose to the keyboard.

By this time tomorrow I hope to be all done and have that huge sense of relief that makes it all worthwhile.

Quote of the Day:
"This last kind of deodorant I got is Christian deodorant. It doesn't work on Sundays."
--anonymous friend of Emily's


  1. How hillarious!!! It sounds like they were having a most interesting discussion. :-)

  2. Hey, my lips are sealed as to the Quotee's identity.
    But I absolutely agree that Emily and her friends are a bit scary...I vote we don't turn them loose on the world until they're about 25.

  3. Oh,Dorcas! Keep theses gals until they are 25?!!!!! I've had all the education I can stand already. I suggest we turn them loose now and let them educate the rest of the world! PFC

  4. I find that it takes a lot of living to meet a deadline.

    I too love these quotes, you have a great source it seems! I would have liked to have heard the whole conversation containing this one.