Monday, May 23, 2005

More Poetry

“More poetry in the Shoe,” said Tom, way back when.
Ok, here’s some more.

The Nigglenile
By Jenny, age 6

The Prince and Princess lived quite a while
But soon were killed by the Nigglenile!

Soon they had a new princess and prince
And they were killed by the Nigglenile for days aglince.

They had a new prince and princess
And the Nigglenile tried to kill them.

They climbed up a tree
So they could be safe and thee
So the whole kingdom lived happily ever after.

* * *
My Cold
By Emily, age 14

My nose just keeps on twinge-ing up.
It makes strange sounds like sniffer snuff.
My eyes are filling up with tears,
I told my cold, “Now that’s enough!”

* * *
Mom’s Saturday Lament
(Sung to the tune of Day by Day. Use sparingly for maximum effect (guilt, we hope).)

Why can’t this house stay clean for just one day?
Oh how I wish it wouldn’t be this way.
I vacuum, dust, and scrub and clean some more;
I turn around, it’s like it was before.
Help me Lord, to keep the right perspective
My children will be grown and gone someday.
I’ll miss them in moments when I’m reflective,
But oh how nice to have it clean to stay!

Quote of the Day:
"Sorry we do not have a TV and I realize that there's only 2% of the population that doesn't have a TV so bye."
--Ben the stats guy, dealing with a telemarketer


  1. Great Quote of the Day! LOL... Dorcas, I imagine you must have a "quote notebook" handy at all times - I can just see the kids rolling their eyes as you rush to it several times a day, asking, "Now what was that you said?" : ) (Emily, however, probably likes to see that her statements are quotable. : ) She reminds me of Anne of Green Gables, with her dramatics and her "scope for the imagination!" And surely I'm not the first person to say that!? )

  2. Amen to moms lament----I only wish it took the same amount of time to clean the house back up as it does to look like a tornado went through--Even after all this time it still amazes me---

  3. Sheryl--I keep little note papers in various drawers and purses so I can jot down quotable quotes and file them. Emily says it's not a good sign when I laugh and reach in my purse. And yes, Emily is a lot like AoGG. In fact, my sis and I watched the video recently and we laughed and laughed because we kept seeing Emily in Anne. An odd twist is that Amy is the one that looks like Anne--freckles, reddish hair.
    Amen, Sharon, it amazes me too. Surely when they get as old as mine the kitchen floor should stay clean for more than half an hour.

  4. I love that quote of the day!!! I would have loved to see the telemarketers face after he heard that earful!!LOL!!!

  5. Wonderful. "Aglince," that's pure genius!

  6. I liked your 'Day by Day" song. I sang it to myself and smiled. That one should be filed away for future reference!

  7. Sheryl,

    I was honored to have my name at then end of the quote of the day a while back! I think it's cool, but I rarely say anything witty enough to merit requoting.

    That quote by Ben was awesome!! Totally hilarious.

    The Baritone