Thursday, February 16, 2006

Amy in Yemen

Amy just posted about her time in Yemen. Sample paragraph:

Driving through town, we had seen lots of women who were wearing, instead of the traditional black, a distinctive navy-and-red-patterned cloth. Aunt Becky explained that it was a style that they only wore there in Mahweet, and Dana decided that she wanted some to use for tablecloths. So on the way back to the motel we stopped at a clothing shop to try to find some. Someone had put a 10-year-old boy in charge of this store, and he could not understand what we wanted. Aunt Becky tried and tried to explain, but he still didn’t get it, despite the fact that I’m sure he sees at least fifty of them every day. That’s a guy for you. Anyway, we went back to the motel, and asked the manager, and he sent someone to get some, so Dana did get hers eventually.

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