Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentines Day

Paul’s dad was always a bit romantically challenged, especially with events like Valentine’s Day. His sons tend to be a bit the same way as you can see over at the Bubbling Teapot.

This year I decided to make it easy for Paul and I bought this adorable set of tools (hammer, pliers, etc) with pink handles. I gave it to Paul and told him to give it to me for Valentine’s Day. So he did, along with a homemade card full of nice affirming words, which is what I really wanted anyway.

But then he really outdid himself and ordered a rose delivered to Emily at school. She was absolutely ecstatic and smiled the rest of the day, she said. She also said it means so much more to her because she knows it went totally against her dad’s practical, frugal nature to do this for her.

Paul wondered if I was jealous that he did more for Emily than me. I wasn’t. To see him investing in our daughter this way was a lavish present for me as well.

Quote of the Day:
"God loves us so much that he sent us snow for Valentine’s Day!"
--Jenny. Yes, it snowed yesterday, enough to leave a skiff of white on the ground


  1. Awww--my girls came home all excited because Em had gotten a rose from her dad--good for him and good for you for feeling the way you do--I met a sweet little lady at Curves this morning that just loved your column on Sunday!!

  2. It's nice to have someone who can TOTALLY understand. :)

  3. My husband had a boquet delivered to my widowed mom in Canada with a note saying, "Thankyou for your daughter."


  4. Louise, that's so sweet!

  5. This is incredible! I love these stories. I was just talking to a single friend yesterday about that there needs to be a Phileo Day as well as the Eros Day (V-day). It looks as though some people are smart and loving and have already transformed the big V-day to include agape, eros and phileo.

  6. "To see him investing in our daughter this way was a lavish present for me as well." Yes!!! That's how I feel too.