Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Good News

We have had dial-up internet access for years. Even though we are only 20 miles from Eugene we were out of range for all the fancy internet connection options.

This has been getting more and more difficult as more and more members of the family feel like they have to have their Web time every day, and the poor people trying to call our house felt like they could never get through.

Recently we got yet another flyer from Quest offering DSL. Always before when we called about these offers they said uh, sorry, your address comes up as Not Available. Well, this time they said it's possible. The guy came out today and flipped a switch down past the Harrisburg Church somewhere.

And it works! It's not that fast, but that's not really the point. It's connected all the time, which is a weird feeling, like leaving the iron turned on. And now people can get hold of us. And it solved my weird "Access Denied" problems with Blogger.

I like this.


  1. We had DSL when we lived in CA and it was nice, but I had a little character on my email that would pop up with a little jingle whenever I recieved an email.....some days I didn't get much done but run to check and see who was emailing me! But it was nice to not tie up the phone line! Good luch with it!

  2. Sweet! You'll never go back!

    btw, it's Qwest, not Quest. ;-)

  3. While the time stamp shows 12:57 PST, it's 3:56 EST and I've been up all night. Just hitting the essential blogs before heading to the airport.

  4. You're right, Hans, that it's Qwest not Quest.
    I see you opt to stay up all night when you have an early-morning flight. I usually choose to try to get a few hours of sleep and am so nervous about sleeping late that I hardly sleep at all and would have been better off staying up and doing something useful.
    Where are you headed?

  5. I am sitting in Atlanta airport right now because our flight to Witchita was cancelled. We were supposed to fly out of Atlanta at 11 AM. Now we have to take the next flight which is at 3 PM.

  6. Revenge: that's Wichita not Witchita