Thursday, May 04, 2006

About the Book

Ordinary Days--Family Life in a Farmhouse is a collection of essays and stories, most of which first appeared in my Letter from Harrisburg column in the Register-Guard. It is published by Good Books, known for the Fix It and Forget It cookbook line, and also for House Calls and Hitching Posts.

Ordinary Days is essentially the same book as my first one: Letters from Harrisburg--Ordinary Days. Five chapters (Yemen, Eugene Mission, Grandma and the Media, Quilt Questions, and FAQ's) have been omitted and replaced with later columns (Emily's Song, Aunts, Oregon Coast, Judgment Day, and Escapes).

Being a good Mennonite, I will tell you bluntly that if you already have my first book you probably don't want to buy this one. Borrow a copy if you want to read the five new chapters.

The book costs $9.95. I will be selling copies at book signings and such, but if you're not at my "events," Good Books prefers that you get a copy from your local bookstore rather than ordering it from me. This will greatly increase the chances of bookstores having a prominent display of Ordinary Days right inside the front door, which is what we all want.

However, if you live next door to me or have a hard time getting to a bookstore, you can stop by for a copy or I can mail it to you.

Thank you to everyone who has expressed interest and helped to spread the word, which is the best advertising of all.

Quote of the Day:
Me: (trying to sound like a teenager) Jenny, you just, like, did a really good job with that.
Jenny: Um, Mom? When you say 'like,' you don't sound young; you sound...well...dumb.


  1. Let's face it, Dorcas, no matter how we look, we can't really sound like teenagers anymore! Pauline

  2. Congratulations on the new book!!

  3. I ordered my book. They said it wasn't released yet, but they ordered for when it is released.

  4. *LOL* see, the difference is that most teenagers say "like" unconsciously. they're not trying to sound like teenagers. ;)

  5. Just letting you know that the subscription thing isn't working again. I missed 5 posts before I realized I hadn't heard from you in awhile! Happy to see your book is out and selling! In Canada too!

  6. So sorry about the trouble with Bloglet subscriptions. I keep fixing it and it keeps breaking. Not sure where to turn for help.

  7. Paul and Naomi--that's wonderful! Send me an email at and I'll give you our mailing address.