Wednesday, May 10, 2006


A long time ago I wrote about trying to find black Band-aids for Steven. I looked in Rite-Aid and Safeway and Walmart, and I searched the internet. I even buttonholed an African-American man in Eugene and asked him. He didn't think there was such a thing.

I didn't find any and figured they didn't exist.

Then just recently Paul and Naomi left a comment that they had found some for me. They came in the mail yesterday. They are called Band-Aid Perfect Blend clear bandages. The pad comes in three shades (light, medium, deep) and the sticky part is clear. They sent the "deep" kind, which match Steven nicely.

So now if he has a scrape on his nose again, we have a nice subtle bandage for him.

Thanks, Paul, Naomi, and the wonderful world of blogs.

Quote of the Day:
Ben, the technical math guy, pulling a piece of plastic wrap off the roll: Mom, did you know when you get a new thing like this it has enough to stretch over ten football fields, end to end?
Me: Wow!
Ben: Not including the end zones.

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  1. The reference to light, medium, or deep Band-Aids reminded me of the time our three boys filled out forms for 4H in which they were to choose among various racial/ethnic descriptions. I noticed with amusement that one had chosen Asian/Pacific Islander, another had chosen White/Caucasian, and the third had chosen Other. They are all the children of an Asian father and a Caucasian mother--not really different from each other in their racial/ethnic background, but apparently not in perfect agreement about what labels best apply.

    Miriam Iwashige