Saturday, May 13, 2006


Today is Paul's birthday and he's 47 years old. Here's why I appreciate him:
--He loves God and lives like it.
--He is an action guy and gets things done.
--He is a solid rock that gives his family security.
--He not only puts up with me but loves me like I am and never gives me a moment's occasion for jealousy
--He tries to meet his children's needs in all their variety
--He handles our finances in such a way that we all feel taken care of
--He is proud rather than annoyed or jealous if he goes to a hardware store and the clerk asks him if he's "Dorcas's husband"
--He tries very hard to understand people and their perspective when the rest of us would like to write them off as too stubborn, rebellious, narrow-minded, or flaky to bother with
--He teaches God's word clearly and understandably
--He doesn't seem to notice if I gain weight


1 comment:

  1. Dorcas, my mouth literally dropped at that last one... YOU!! gain weight??

    Do you remember the radio program Heart to Heart, originating out of Harrisonburg VA? Ella Mae Miller was the speaker on that little five minute? program for years. Her husband was known as Mr. Ella Mae Miller.

    Give him my greetings. 47... that was a long time ago for me....