Saturday, June 03, 2006

Book Signing

Today I had my first-ever book signing at a bookstore. A couple of weeks ago I was at Gateway Mall and impulsively stopped in at a B. Dalton bookstore and asked what it would take to have them stock my book on the shelves. The clerk talked a bit about their criteria and then asked me what I had in mind. When I told her who I was, she nearly leaped over the counter for joy, which was very gratifying. "Oh, yes! We'd love to have your book here! We'll even do a book signing for you!"

So today I arrived, as green as grass, and there at the front of the store was an 8-foot table covered with a purple cloth and with a display of books and a big Meet-the-Author! poster on top.

I sat on the chair behind the table and waited, feeling extremely exposed and vulnerable. I tell you, it is a strange feeling, sitting there alone and watching people and waiting. If I do a crossword puzzle, will I look aloof? If I catch people's eyes, will I look desperate?

Three people had seen the poster previously and came just to see me. (Smug smile) Three or four more were walking by and suddenly stopped and "Oh! It's you!" and then talked and/or bought a book. One woman with four children stopped, looked at the book, and said, "I need to buy this. It's so good to see a mother of six that looks relatively sane."

Most people walked by and ignored me.

I sold eight books. The manager said any more than two is a successful signing. I am not John Grisham yet, I guess.

Quote of the Day:
"I guess Wilbur and Orville were big dreamers too."
--Ben, this morning, when Steven wondered what a book signing is and I said it's when you sit by a store and people come by and say, "Oh, I've been wanting to meet you and I want to buy your book!"


  1. Julie Andrews recently came to the bookstore where my mom works, and I guess that there wasn't even a very huge of a turnout for her... I think you have to be JK Rowling or, as you say, John Grisham, for there to be throngs of people waiting to see a glimpse of the famous author!

  2. Ummm... John Grisham.. Who's that? You can see that I'm very ignorant. But YOU???? I've heard of you, Dorcas Smucker. And you are MY friend and that feels good.

    I got all choked up reading your last 2 postings.

    We are on our way to Ontario this afternoon.

  3. can you send me a book? (with it signed?)

  4. Imagine!!! You were even above a successful signing. Congratulations! And the people that ignored you...they had no idea what they were missing. :)

  5. Bret Lott was on Oprah, talking about Jewel. Not long after, he had a book signing. I don't think he sold more than one book, if that. He found it a humbling experience. He wrote a book about writing where he described it in detail.

    I did see Leonard Nimoy (Spock from Star Trek) at a Chicago book signing. He had a very long line. Maybe you need a space ship and pointed ears.

  6. Congratulations, by the way...what's the title of your book?

  7. ampraisinghim: the title is Ordinary Days: Family Life in a Farmhouse