Monday, June 26, 2006

Pop Quiz

This is the quiz we gave to the guests at Amy's party. See how many you know, class. Your score will not affect your grade. A prize to anyone who gets all 10 right.

1. What was the weather like when Amy was born?
a) misty and cold
b) warm and windy
c) hot and still
d)cold and calm

2. Amy’s favorite blanket was:
a) yellow
b) green
c) pink
d) multicolored

3. Amy saved her blanket from which terrible fate:
a) getting chewed up by a dog
b) getting thrown in the trash
c) getting burned in a fire
d) getting stolen

4. At age 10, Amy’s favorite books were:
a) the Nancy Drew books
b) the Danny Orlis series
c) the Boxcar children series
d) the Mandie books

5. At age 11 or 12, Amy’s passion was:
a) dogs
b) cats
c) horses
d) reptiles

6. At age 9, Amy scared her parents by:
a) climbing onto the roof
b) walking to the hills without telling anyone
c) spilling boiling water in the kitchen
d) hitting Matt on the head with a rolling pin

7. Amy’s favorite musical group/singer is:
a) AHQ
b) BarlowGirl
c) Jaci Velasquez
d) Casting Crowns

8. Ten years from now, Amy wants to be in:
a) Oregon
b) The Middle East
c) Poland
d) Africa

9. Ten years from now, Amy wants to be:
a) mothering 4 children
b) writing books
c) teaching English
d) sacking seed

10. Amy’s favorite color is:
a) green
b) pink
c) purple
d) black


  1. Ummm. Do I need to send you my answers to have them graded, or do I get to grade them myself?

  2. Will the rest of us ever find out the answers?

  3. You can post your answers in the comments. I will post the correct answers in a day or two.

  4. Ok, here's the answer key: