Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I was cleaning the attic this evening and decided it's time to get rid of the carseat. It seems like just a few weeks ago I put it up there. Jenny had outgrown it, but it was a good carseat and for all I knew I'd need it again in a year or two. But Jenny is seven and it doesn't make sense to keep it any longer.

I also got rid of the crib. We bought it when I was pregnant with Matt. I was still deathly sick that Saturday, but Paul was determined to get me out of my depressed inertia, so he bundled me, a bucket, and a box of Corn Chex into the Datsun and off we went garage saling. I think we paid $15 for it, and five children later the time came to put it in the attic.

The crib was held together with four metal rods about three feet long that slid into holes and slots at the four corners. A couple of years ago, two of these rods were commandeered to fix the push-lawn-mower handle that kept bending. And now, as I said, Jenny is seven and by the time the grandchildren come along I'm going to want a newer crib with the slats closer together.

It seems like only the day before yesterday when Matt was into animals and his room overflowed with books and magazines: Reptile Digest, Animals of North America, Encyclopedia of Animal Life. And it seems like yesterday when we put all those books in the attic. This evening Matt climbed up there, looked them over, and said I can give them all to Goodwill.

Hand me a kleenex, somebody.

Quote of the Day:
Person on phone: Is your mom available?
Matt: No, actually, I think she's married.


  1. i can relate,sniff.sniff! My baby (10) was grumbling the other day after measuring herself and seeing she is still 3 inches shorter than her mom!
    Got a real giggle out of the quote!