Thursday, September 13, 2007

Leavin' On a Jet Plane

In a couple of hours I'm heading to Portland to catch a flight to Minnesota, once again doing the drive-alone, park-way-out, catch-a-shuttle thing, then reversing it all late at night on Tuesday, which always seems like something I would enjoy if I were a diehard independent feminist, but I am not, so it's a lonely but practical expedition.

However, I don't think I'll be lonely after I get to International Falls, where I get to socialize with close to 300 women at the Borderland Ladies Retreat. I hear whiffs of news about how beautiful the decorating will be, how fun the ladies, how accommodating the accommodations. Definitely my idea of a great time.

And after the retreat I get to be with my parents at Grove City for three days.

I also get to be the main speaker for the retreat, an honor that terrifies me if I think about it and quit trusting God, which is the topic for my two talks. The speaking itself is fine, it's the idea of having something of value to say to everyone who's come expecting to hear something. I've felt a lot of what must be spiritual oppression over this whole thing, and, as I told my sister, I hate the idea of being important enough for the Enemy to bother with. And today I woke up with a sore throat, another in a long list of "little coincidental" things.

So last night we were talking about me being gone and Emily being The Mom.

Quote of the Day:
Emily: So how much can the kids be home by themselves?
Me: Not much
Ben: Oh, Mom, we'll be fine!
Me: Well, that blackberry incident set you back about six months.
Ben: When we're home by ourselves, we try harder. A large percentage of the foolish things we've done have been while you're home.


  1. I sure am glad that there are people out there who actually LIKE to talk to groups of people....=O And I'm sure you'll come up with something inspirational to share...
    Be Blessed~

  2. You are going to see my mom there, she is doing a workshop. And I just realized that I forgot to send my copy of your book along for it's autograph! And I had such high hopes...sigh. Real life includes me being very forgetful at times. I think my dad might be there, too, cooking some wonderful food for you.

  3. DORcas! My dear friend! How was it? I didn't get to read your blog until today, so I didn't know about the sore throat, etc. I do hope things went well for you. If I'd been there I'd been right up there on the front bench, praying and blessing you. I attended Women of Faith in Phila, got home yesterday. I would rather have been there!! ~Ilva