Sunday, September 23, 2007

MN musings--3--Sisters in Christ at Least

Hope Byler is a woman who was also a Yoder and grew up in Minnesota, but our paths never crossed much until recent years. She grew up at Blackduck and I at Grove City, some 200 miles away.

A few times in the past I've had people ask me if I'm by any chance related to "this woman from Minnesota named Hope Byler?" "Not that I know of," I said.

Both Hope and I were at the retreat and it was downright weird how often people came up to either her or me and asked if we're sisters. I don't think either of us would have thought of any resemblance, but evidently we resemble each other a lot, especially the forehead and eyes, we were told.

Hope and I got our head together for a picture, which I haven't been able to transfer here yet (but will if I can.) We also got our heads together and decided that one reason we resemble each other is because she also has a poof in her hair! The Last Two Poofs in America, I guess.

It also turns out that we are within 5 months of each other in age, and are both writers and have large families. And, of all things, both our middle names are Elaine. But even though we were both Yoders, we aren't related as far back as we could trace.

My daughters think I should flatten my poof, but Hope's children say:

Quote of the Day:
"Oh Mom, you'd look terrible without your poof!"


  1. Dorcas, as I remember Hope, I can easily see why people would think you are related. Both of you should feel honored, I'd say! So good to hear your reflections of your time in MN. I continue to be on your cheering team.

  2. Dorcus, it's nice that people compare you to Hope -- one of my favorite Aunts. You both have nice poofs.

    I should have read you're blogs before I analyzed the aesthetics of the 'ladies' retreat as I did -- it would have made me a little bit more sympathetic. I'm just not used to seeing so many Mennonite women all in one place -- maybe my shock bled into my response.

    It was good to finally meet you, I'll try to stick to writing things you might like.


  3. Oh stay with the poof. I don't mind hair slicked down, but you have to go with the shape of your head. I've seen poofs where they looked terrible on a person and slick do's on gals who desperately needed a little body to their hair.That's what mirrors are for. To see what you look like either way!

  4. That's cool. I love Hope. :) And yes, both you and she look lovely in your poofs.

  5. this is all a hoot -- I'm honored to be associated with the likes of you, Dorcas