Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Quiz from the Girls

Quote of the Day:
Q: How is Dad like Jethro the Giraffe?

A: 1. He has big freckles all over,
2. His hair is thinner on top, and
3. He has long bristly eyebrow hairs.

--Emily and Jenny


  1. Surely there must be a missing option!

  2. Is Paul on the left or the right in the picture?

  3. Your posts about real events and real people are so easy to identify with, that's what makes it inspiring:) Can I order your books online somewhere? We have young 4 children so I do a lot of shopping online vs on the road:) SuEllen

  4. anon--I edited the answer to hopefully show that it was the entire answer and not multiple choice
    meredith--heh heh heh. nice.
    suellen--you can get my books on amazon.com. Thanks for asking.

  5. Paul has a good taste in pens.