Monday, April 07, 2008

An almost true story

Once upon a time there was a mom and she had a bunch of children. One day the whole family decided to take a trip to Kenya. The mom had to make sure everyone had packed enough clothes and find someone to take care of the animals and copy everybody's passports and pack enough food for the trip and make lists of emergency numbers and send them out to anyone who might need them, and much, much, more. Every day she grew more and more tired.

The day before they were scheduled to leave, the mom was so tired that she couldn't even walk.

"Mom, come in here and see what I did," her daughter called from the office, "I lined up all my pennies by what year they were made in."

Slowly, the mom crawled to the office to see the pennies, and then crawled back to finish her packing.

"Dorcas, are the 41 cent stamps the ones we need?" her husband called from the computer.

"Yes," said the tired mom in her tired voice.

"Mom, mom," said a frantic child running up to her, "I can't find my favorite shampoo. Why did you pack it already? Huh? Huh? Why did you pack it already? Can I just use conditioner? Will that work?"

"Dorcas, are the 41 cent stamps the ones we need?" called her husband again, because he was deaf in one ear and hadn't heard her the first time.

"YES" the mom yelled to her husband as loud as she could. But it was all too much for her, and her head exploded. The family had to go to Kenya without her. They forgot to pack peanut butter so they had to eat their bread plain, which is disgusting. They forgot to pack mosquito repellent, so they all had itchy mosquito bites all over them. They forgot to pack hand sanitizer, so they all got horrible diseases. All in all, the trip was a disaster, and everybody was sad and repentant that they hadn't done more to help their poor, tired, mom.

The End.

This is Emily writing this post. As you can see from the above almost true story, my Mom is much too tired and care worn to write a blog post. However, as my whole family (except me and Matt, which you should know if you have been reading her posts) is leaving tomorrow, an update should be administered.

So here is the update: Tomorrow, Paul, Dorcas, Amy, Ben, Steven, and Jenny (the family) along with Justin and Bethany (the seniors) will fly to Kenya. Everyone except Amy will fly from Portland to Amsterdam, and from there to Nairobi, Kenya. Since Amy is currently living in South Carolina, she will meet everyone else in Amsterdam and fly with them the rest of the way to Kenya.

Also tomorrow, I will drive up to Portland with the clan, but from there I will fly to Oklahoma to stay with my aunt and uncle. Then I will go to Kansas to stay with some friends of my Mom's friends.

So that is what is currently going on in the Smucker family. If you want to receive email updates from the Kenya bunch, email your request to Mom will also try to post the updates right here on her blog. If you want to pray for any member of our globe-trotting group, email your prayer request to Ha ha, just kidding, but we sure could use your prayers.

And I can't think of a quote of the day to use, but rest assured that the quotes in the almost true story are quite real.


  1. Blessings to your entire family as you leave to serve in Kenya-and for your visit Emily to Oklahoma and Kansas. May God grant you safety, health and above all grace to one another in such a hectic time. With peace and love, Michelle

  2. Thanks Emily! Your story, at least the first part, is probably even more true than you realize!!!Dorcas, I will send a few extra Benadryl with Bethany. You take them and sleep the whole way to Amsterdam! Pauline

  3. *laughter* excellent post!

  4. Dorcas (Emily),

    I SO know that feeling of being too tired to walk. I hope once your heads stop spinning over the sudden change in plans, and you stop crying over all the bags that must be unpacked, you will go to bed and have a long, nice rest. You deserve it!