Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Major! Change! In! Plans!

Our trip to Kenya has been cancelled.
Paul had promised the school board (since we were taking the seniors) that if things got violent in Kenya again, even up to the last minute, we would call off our trip.
Well, of all the bizarre things, an hour before we were to leave the house Emily checked Matt's Xanga and he, thinking we had already left, posted a link to a news site about renewed violence in Kenya and asked people to pray for us.
The coalition government is breaking down because they can't get on the same page regarding the cabinet. There have been large demonstrations in Nairobi and smaller ones elsewhere.
Meanwhile, in a very unusual development, the airline informed us yesterday that they have to change our return flight by one day and are offering a full refund on our tickets.
Paul called our wise Kenyan friend Vincent who advised us to cancel the trip.
So we did.
We caught Amy on her way to the Atlanta airport.
We also canceled Emily's flight to OKC for today but have not made final decisions regarding her plans.
As I'm sure you can understand, our heads are still spinning.
God moves in mysterious ways, I must say.

(If anyone tells me that all my micro-planning and OCD/spazzing-out preparations were all for naught I am going to have a violent demonstration of my own. . .burn a bike tire in the driveway or something.)

Quote of the Day:
"It helps me believe blogs are actually worth something once in a while."


  1. "I am going to have a violent demonstration of my own. . .burn a bike tire in the driveway or something."

    Dorcas, please provide a schedule.

    Local bloggers, please attend the event (and don't forget your digital cameras).

    Thank you.

    More importantly, I'm glad to know you folks are on this side of the Kenya instability.

  2. I can only imagine the mixed feelings you must be experiencing.

    Here in Haiti things are rough also, with violent anti-hunger demonstrations the last few days. (Of course, it must be the government's fault).

  3. WOW... When God shuts a door, he shuts a door, AND gives a refund!

    Was looking forward to your adventures in Kenya, but am just as happy to read about your safer adventures in Eugene. ;)

  4. i'm so sorry things didn't work out... i'm sure it is horribly disappointing and disorienting and dis-alot of other things too. :-(

  5. Goodness, now you have to unpack everything you packed!

  6. Sorry you couldn't come...but it sure looks like God had his hand in that! We were looking forward to seeing you briefly here in Nakuru. BTW, your blog is quite enjoyable. Sometimes it gives me a laugh just when I need one.:)

  7. How awesome that you got a refund on the plane tickets.
    I'd be tempted to take some of that money and do something totally useless for a day, just to let my brain recover.

  8. Yes, I too would like a bike tire burning schedule! LOL I'm staying tuned for the further adventures...God is good and faithful...He can even use blogs and the internet apparently! =)

  9. I hope you took a nap before burning any tires. LOLOL We need a couch burning real soon. It will go up in a blaze of glory and hopefully before we start looking like rednecks.

    I am sure God has His reasons in all this, even your running about all crazy like the last few days.

  10. Wow! This is all quite unbelieveable and miraculous! ~ribbit98

  11. Flexible to the highest degree! Enjoy your two weeks bonus time in Harrisburg.

  12. Wow! that's really cool that you were able to have your tickets refunded. God is Good!!