Saturday, April 05, 2008

Battling the Whinies

I feel like whining today, really whining, and fussing, like a three-year-old who got up too early and had too many Skittles and missed her nap and lost her favorite purse.

Let's see, Emily had a terrible week and I am sick and tired of dealing with her illness, and Steven broke his bedroom window and I am tired of trying to civilize those wild boys. Hmmm, what else? Oh, I'm tired of all these trip preparations, and my arm hurts because I got my tetanus shot yesterday.

Wow, I'm a good whiner.

Ok, before you all descend on my house and put me down for a nap, I will attempt to gird my loins and do battle with this malaise by naming some people that I'm grateful for:

Shelley, who has only a short precious weekend in Oregon and used a nice portion of it to come by and cheer Emily up and bring her two wonderful old hardcover books.

My sis Margaret, who sent a big package full of blue jeans in Ben's size and hot-weather dresses for Jenny and fun stuff for the long plane ride.

Paul, who fixes malfunctioning water softeners and broken windows, and who bought me a bouquet of lilies to give me strength for the journey.

Ben and Steven, who despite their Barbarian tendencies have spent their morning changing sheets, vacuuming, and gathering laundry and garbage.

Geneva, who calls and puts my life in perspective.

Rebecca, who forgives me if I forget to Skype at the appointed time and then, when I finally connect, listens to me with great empathy.

Lisa, the wonderful niece who has been coming by twice a week after school to clean light fixtures and ovens and bathrooms.

Bonnie, who made me that succulent dish of lasagna on Monday.

I could list a lot more, but I think the whinies have been conquered. Oh, one more:

Justin, who describes life in battle terms and expands my horizons.

Quote of the Day:
Jenny: What's the longest verse in the Bible?
Me: Esther 8:9
Ben: Esther ate nine what??

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