Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Ok, Facebook: still undecided, although putting off a decision is a decision in its own way. But 30 comments and counting--dear people, you don't know what you're putting me through. I am the worst sort of "people pleaser" and my opinion on something is usually what the last person I talked to thought, so this seesawing is making me queasy.

This was interesting, about Facebook Friends.

Meanwhile, I am trying to keep my kitchen from falling apart. First it was the stove. All summer, Steven and Amy, who cook in bare feet, kept complaining that the front/large burner shocked them. I was too distracted to deal with it, figuring they could always go put sandals on.

Then not long ago I had my big grape juice steamer kettle bubbling on the stove all day, which must have been the final straw because that evening I was trying to heat a pan of water on the same burner and it just wouldn't heat, so I lifted it off.

Oh my. There was a sudden terrible noise of zapping and hissing and popping, and flames shot 8 inches up, and sparks arced off the stove and all around Jenny and me, who stood there frozen in horror.

Finally things quieted down and I set the pan down and turned off the burner, and then Paul took things apart so it wouldn't do it again if someone accidentally turned it on.

Then last week I turned the fridge off and cleaned it out. And when I turned it back on again--nothing. Oh great. I pulled it out from the wall, banged around, rattled things, prayed. Still nothing. Then I reached inside and whacked the plastic box where the dial is, and with a happy hum the fridge started working again.

Then just a few days ago I was gone, giving a talk somewhere I think, and the others filled the dishwasher after supper, but it wouldn't start. They emptied it, and Paul tipped it over on its back, not noticing that he was dumping gallons of water on the floor, and discovered that a cord had come apart.

The kids mopped it up and yesterday he bought a new cord and now the dishwasher is going again, but I am feeling like all these appliances are going down the valley at the same time.

Maybe this is impetus for us to remodel the kitchen. I've been saving my article/speech/book money for five years for this very purpose, and I think I have enough, but to be honest I'm dreading the process, the mess, and most of all the DECISIONS. Oh how I wish I could set someone down and say, ok, counters around here, this price range, make a place where I can attach the Victorio strainer, light and airy, and make sure it looks like an old farmhouse kitchen. And then I would go off to visit my sisters and when I came back it would all be done. That's what I would like.

Quote of the Day:
"I know what, Mom. You need to write a really in-depth book about your family, and then as soon as you guys are dead, I'll publish it."
--Emily [this girl here, in the new dress she designed and made, with me hovering over her shoulder, but she did all the work herself]


  1. Well, I'm sure there are people that do that sort of thing...hire one. And then remember not to complain about this or that.

    In the cartoons a while back, a couple went to the building supply store and asked where such-and-such was. The clerk asked, 'Is this your first remodeling job?'
    'Aisle 11.'
    'Marriage counseling.'

    As I sit here with my new tub starting its SECOND winter on my front porch....

    Great dress Emily!! What class!

  2. oh, maybe that's the THIRD winter?

  3. It must be a growing trend in the NW--this sudden demise of multiple household appliances.

    My wash machine died a terribly soggy death last week and then last night my oven went out in a blaze of glory--

    Empathetically yours, aimee

  4. Amy and the new dress look beautiful together!

  5. Closed circuit to Mrs. Darling: "going down the valley"

  6. Right after we had installed a geothermal heat pump costing us 5 digits, the washing machine dies and the freezer thaws. I am currently working with two less than ideal appliances, not wanting them to die, because Papa about did. He was in the hospital for appendicitis. He's doing better now.

    The one appliance that is worthless is the dishwasher. It doesn't just clean the bottom dishes, it transfers all the food onto the top dishes.

    The other appliance that must go is the electric stove. More than a year after moving here, I a still burning food on it.

    Nice dress. :)

  7. There are people at Home Depot who will help you with the kitchen.

    I am pretty sure they will even come out and measure and all that.

    It sounds like fun.

    I was talked into joining Facebook after so many of my friends/family joined and decided I wanted to be able to see their photos as well as show them some of mine. You have control over who sees your information and photos. I do not spend much time on it and have not been tempted to. It is a quick way to stay connected, but not indepth.

    Whatever you decide will be just fine for you!

  8. Emily looks pink and healthy and energetic - is she feeling better these days?

    Does that put to rest forever the mysterious cause of her illness, or are there still other factors being tested in the high desert?

    Once the snow piles high enough will you have to go all winter without visiting her?

    Just wondering - she looks really great and the dress is sooo cute.

  9. I honestly don't want to annoy you with more Facebook comments, Dorcas, but I signed my almost 80-year-old mother up last week. It's a great way for her to see snippets of her kids' interactions, the grandchildren and their friends, and her nephew in London!

    I've even been able to have my blog posts streamed to it - but I don't remember how that happened...

    Maybe these technologies will keep our brains so s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d that we'll never get Alzheimer's!

  10. JustMe--let's see, one question at a time:
    1. On average, yes, she's feeling better. Not WELL, she insists, but the lows are less frequent/prolonged. But I am terrified to say the words "Yes, she's getting better," so I don't say them. She was especially jazzed for the picture because she was with her sister and all the other youth-group girls for the weekend.
    2. No, this does not solve all the mysteries, such as: why does she have such a fragile immune system?
    3. There are at least 3 possible routes across the mountains, so I'm hoping we can keep going back and forth all winter.

  11. Oh my goodness, I jus saw Marks comment.

    Arrghh, my heads going to explode. Seriously that has got to be the most morbid song ever! I can just hear old Mary Roth singing that. She sang it at every funeral. OH bah, humbug. Mark got me going again. Sorry Dorcas. It's like he put a quarter in me or something.

    Grrr, how I hate that song!

  12. Ahhhhhh!!

    Now there was a quarter well invested.

    I got many happy returns.

    (I wonder how many years have passed since Grandma Roth went down the valley. She didn't get to see any of our children. Our first was born in Mexico.)