Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Emz and Election Coverage

I'm back with Emily this week. People have been asking how she's doing and I hesitate to say anything positive because a) I've hoped and then been disappointed so many times and b) a lot of people have no concept of the long continuum from sick to well and so if I say "about the same" they think it's terrible and if I say "a little better" they assume she's well and will go get a fulltime job tomorrow.

But. Two weeks ago, we would walk to the library and she would tell me to slow down. Now she marches along and I tell her to slow down.

And. She wants to sew, so I gave her my old sewing machine and bought her an iron and ironing board.

Happy news, yes, and progress, but she is not well yet.

Today I went hunting for election news both on the radio and here on the internet at the library and, can it be believed, there are no exit polls being reported, no guesses, no preliminary numbers. Can it be hoped that the media actually learned from the 2000 debacle? (Sorry, I don't remember what it was like in '04). Anyway, I like it when the media get something right and do the right thing even if might hurt them a bit.

Quote of the Day:
"That wind is brutal."
--a nice guy on the sidewalk, just to my left, on my way to the library. Unfortunately I didn't notice him until he spoke, because I was adjusting my scarf because of the brutal wind, and so I jumped and screamed, and he chuckled. Are we seeing a pattern here?


  1. Baby steps are great. That you can see improvement is really, really great! That she is keeping busy is great. I think that is good news!

  2. hi dorcas,
    i love laughing---and i love that you make me laugh! thanks for the humor on your blog.
    i can really identify with your comment on communicating with others about your daughters illness. ...in fact, i quoted you on my blog. i hope thats ok. i guess i probably should have asked first, not after, huh? sorry.