Monday, December 14, 2009

Kitchen Kalculations

Our new kitchen is suddenly happening! The old cabinets were ripped out and the lower ones installed while I was in Minnesota. Today the new fridge and dishwasher were delivered. Tomorrow the kitchen gets painted. Wednesday the new countertop arrives. And I think Thursday the upper cabinets show up.

As you may know this kitchen project is the result of about five years of saving all my book, speech, and column money. We started with a fairly solid number in mind of what it should cost. But of course we knew there would be unforeseen costs to ratchet up that figure.

For instance, we decided at the last minute to go with a better range hood. And today the countertop people called and said Oh by the way, we have to adjust our estimate because of the type of stove you have and we have to add $185.

This isn't so terrible, in its way. I mean, we knew it would happen somewhere. The painful thing for me is that I invariably think, "AAAACCCKKK, that's one column plus one speech plus 7 books!" Or, "Dear me, three columns and 40 books just for a dishwasher!"

If writing my column wouldn't be such torture this would all be easier. But a year's worth of newspaper columns for a fridge?! I love that new fridge but can it possibly be worth it??

I think I'd be happier if I found a different way to figure the math.

Quote of the Day:
"rod n boys r talkin bout sports.
Me: are you lost Jason?
Jason: oh totally. I hear the vikings won and I'm like, didn't they die out centuries ago?"
--text from Emily, who is having a great time at Uncle Rod and Aunt Rebecca's house


  1. A much anticipated new kitchen is a beautiful thing! I waited 25 years for mine and I thank God everyday for it!! I had no built in cupboards, an old cast iron sink and my kitchen table was my main "counter space." But you know, we raised five children (who now appreciate their own nice kitchens) and I surely do not take my nice new one forgranted! I hope you sell enough books and give enough speeches and write enough columns to get it just how you want it! I'll look forward to all of the above. (I got all your books for my birthday and I am laughing and crying my way through them--one was second hand; it's got your autograph in it!) =))))

  2. I just thought about it that maybe it'll make you feel bad that someone didn't want your book enough to keep it! Sorry! But their loss is definitely my gain, so it evens out. =))

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  4. We'd love to see a picture!! Just finished your 3rd book...loved it.

  5. I know writing can be frustrating and deadlines nervewracking but I would really miss your blogs and books if you stopped. Naturally I am delighted that you need a new kitchen and hope it's just a beginning of a whole house remodel! Keep on truckin!

  6. loved your calculations!! i am constantly doing that - oh i have to work 16 hours just to pay for this trip to the grocery store.... or no we won't stop at dq because that will cost one hour of work today... i hate money.

  7. Seriously, your way of calculating cracks me up! But I can see why you do it :-)