Friday, December 11, 2009

Motherly Wisdom

Jenny has a problem. Two of them, in fact. Their names are Kyle and Josh, two boys at school. Oooooooh, Kyle and Josh! They tease her! And they are so annoying. And when she makes a mistake in Bible quiz they laugh! Or when she makes a mistake playing soccer. And sometimes she says something and they look at each other.

Oooooooh, Kyle and Josh! [Dramatic sigh]

All of my questioning has not revealed that they do anything worse than mild teasing, the pigtail-in-the-inkwell type of thing but nothing nearly that bad.

I've tried all the old mom mantras. "Just ignore them." "They're just boys." "They wouldn't pay that much attention to you if they didn't like you." "You are a strong woman and you will survive."

But of course, none of this helps much.

And then, sometimes, to really complicate Jenny's already complicated life, her dad teases her! Oh, the audacity. It is so annoying.

So the other day she came to me all sniffy because Dad was just so annoying and he did this and then he laughed at her. Ooooh, what a hard life she endures.

I looked at her and said, "Jenny, there's something you need to know. In every guy in the whole world, whether they're grown up or young or in between, even in a preacher like your dad, there is a little bit of Kyle and Josh."

Jenny pondered this for a minute and then got a look on her face like finally, finally, the universe was making a little more sense.

I felt like a wise mom for once, and I think every girl needs to learn that little fact, and the sooner the happier.


  1. Poor Jenny....
    I can rely!! (well that was many many years ago)
    I would advise some practical jokes (NOT on Dad of course) but ignoring is probably the best solution. Even if not easy...

  2. As the youngest girl after 5 brothers, I can so relate to Miss Jenny! And she should be warned, it doesn't go away, even when you're 33! But sometimes they slip up and say things like, "I'm really proud of you." Not in those words perhaps.....

  3. Since the subject is being discussed, perhaps you could take it to the next level: how to laugh at yourself. If someone laughs at you, laugh with them! Reword what they said but add a different twist. Then both will have fun!
    Sandra Miller

  4. I read this OUTLOUD to my Shelby. She can relate....and I appreciated your very wise words there at the end.