Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oklahoma photos

Two gracious families hosted me in Prague/Paden--
Lawrence and Erna Dueck. ..
(with Samuel, Sheryl, and Tracey)

and Edwin and Irma Loewen
(with Regina and Randy)

Good times at Margaret's house--My cousin Truman's wife Laura, DIL Margaret, daughter Loretta, (me), and DIL Joan.
Truman and Laura

Loraine, Fred, me, at a cafe in Weatherford.
The place where my dad grew up. He says he and his brother Toby slept in the upper left bedroom, behind that balcony rail.

The old and new in Oklahoma.


  1. I really like the one entitled "old & new."

  2. Dorcas could you give me Freds phone number? I would so love to talk with him again sometime. I haven't seen him in probably 30 years or so. Thanks, Jim Yoder

  3. Hi, I've heard about you some and Ellen Gerig pointed me to your blog...I was born in OK, grew up in MS, moved back to OK when I got married, we've lived in MT for almost 6 years now and are planning on moving back to OK in June...ha, how's that for confusion...any way....I recognized Trueman and Laura in your pics...I met them last summer at my uncle Eli Yoder's funeral in Pryor, Ok...I think we are related some how...can't remember for sure the connection, but was fun reading your blog just a bit! I'm on xanga, zpreacherswife, but as life has gotten rather buys lately I haven't been very faithful. anyway just wanted to say HI! = ) Blessings! and I LOVE watching new babies be born...such an amazing miracle!

  4. oh, I forgot to tell you my name...hehe...Rebecca (Yoder) Wenger