Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wedding vs. Draft

Last night Ben and I were talking about the royal wedding and the NFL draft. Neither of us could understand what motivated the other.

Me: Well, it's a WEDDING, and it's so ROMANTIC, and it's just so amazing, and she was so pretty, and they rode in this open carriage...

Ben: [blank look]

Me: And I don't get the NFL draft.

Ben: Well, it's all about the best players, and which teams they go to, and I don't know, it's just fascinating.

Me: [blank look]

So I think it would behoove each of us not to judge the other, and to just enjoy what we enjoy and let others do likewise.

One sweet thing about the royal wedding is that it unites women all over the world. Emily referred me to the blog of a young man she knows, named Adam, who, like Barack Obama, is the child of a foreign student [who then absconded out of his child's life], and an American woman. Except Adam's dad was Yemeni, and after growing up in Virginia, Adam decided to look up his Yemeni family, and ended up living with them and teaching at the International High School where my nephew goes.

He has a blog, where he informs us that Yemeni women are all over this wedding and all the details, just like American women.

I think that's that very cool.

Quote of the Day:
"You'd think someone would have trimmed his eyebrows for this prestigious affair."
--Shelley the niece, of the hairy priest at Westminster Abbey


  1. My thoughts precisely, Shelley!

  2. Hairy eyebrows are a sign of true manhood and greatly desired in Great Britain. I can't get my husband to trim his, either, and he's a 2nd generation Scottish immigrant (who's only 38)!

  3. Iain L Stuart5/01/2011 2:34 AM

    and if he's bald like I am, then he NEEDS his bushy eyebrows so that when it rains he doesn't drown! You'd be surprised how much rain gets soaked up in regular hair....

  4. I am honored to land a spot in the "Quote of the Day"! And I must admit it sort of looked like you meant I was the niece of the hairy priest. :) Haha.

  5. Shelley, you made me snort in the Minneapolis airport. But you ARE now the niece of a hairy-nest-of-spiders-eyebrowed man. Paul would qualify as being a True Man in Great Britain.