Saturday, May 19, 2012

ISC update 2

(This is for the benefit of family and friends following the students' adventures at convention.)

Sunday morning the group will be at a Wesleyan Methodist church where they will share their group Bible speaking, small ensemble song, and male trio song.

The first big rally is Sunday evening.

If you want to follow the live stream online, go to

Or click here.

Live-stream dates and times are: [all Eastern time]
Sunday 10:00 am
Sunday 5:30 pm
Monday 6:45 pm
Tuesday 6:45 pm
Wednesday 6:15 pm
Thursday 8:25 A.M. [not PM!!  Sorry, my mistake!]

Monday's activities and events are as follows:
8:30 &8:40--two Bible bowl teams compete; table tennis begins
11:20--small ensemble
11:50--group Bible speaking
1:00pm--female duet

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  1. My son is part of the group from Shekinah Christian in Plain City which headed out to ISC yesterday. I'm so glad for the live-streaming of the rallies; otherwise I wouldn't hear anything until Thursday when he gets home (and even then, he's a male; I won't get sufficient details). - Rhonda Helmuth