Thursday, May 24, 2012

ISC update 7

The International Student Convention ended this morning with a long awards ceremony.  I got up at 5:30 to watch the live feed, which was fully worth it when Steven {my son} walked across the stage for his medal when he placed second in male trio, along with Isaiah and Cody, and fifth in Bible Bowl [with Spencer and Isaiah, I think] out of 63 teams [!!]

I'll try to remember who else placed, and where, although this might not be entirely accurate.

Shane--800 meter--5th
Austin--archery--top 6--not sure which

The small ensemble placed 7th out of 43 but didn't get to go up front for an award because only the top 5 or six get to do that.

The group flew out of Pittsburgh and is landing in Portland about now.  I was supposed to take the van and go get them, but that meant missing out on a concert Ben was in this evening.

David Krabill saved the day and consented to fetch the weary crew.

Thank you, David, that was very kind of you!

And I got to stay to the end of the concert.  A number of choirs sang one after the other, and then they sang all together.  Goose-bumpy beautiful.

Ben is in the farthest row, by the left leg of the A.

And speaking of goose bumps, we note how many in the audience were bundled up like it was the middle of winter.  For good reason.

I am trying to find some good in this weather and all I can think of is, when we get to Thailand next week and it's 104 degrees with a similar humidity, Maybe I'll think longingly of 48 degrees and a wild driving rain.


[Yeah. Thailand.  Since we never get to travel, you know.  Paul was asked to teach a 3-week course at a Bible school/mission training center, and he and I plan to go, along with Steven and Jenny.  Every so often Paul turns to me and says, "Do you realize I will have only 1 hour in the day scheduled?  One hour."  And I say, "Do you realize I haven't been assigned any responsibilities?  None.  And I won't have to cook."  And Paul grins and says, "Maybe we'll actually have a vacation," and I say, "I can see myself just sleeping for three weeks."]

[Except I've heard the fabric shopping is great, so I'll wake up long enough to do that.]


  1. Hmm, Thailand. Wonder if you'll meet up with my cousin Marvin's son, Arlin Beachy and wife and two little children. He's with IGO, whatever that stands for!:) Not even sure what city they're located in. Have a wonderful vacation!

  2. Sounds like you will be seeing my in-laws! Except they are gallivanting off in another country at the moment. I imagine they will be back by then - he's the pastor at the Bible school where I think you are headed.

  3. You are welcome. And my kind boss even let me sleep in the next morning. :-)

    Enjoy your trip and your fabric shopping! :-)

    The Baritone