Monday, May 21, 2012

ISC update 3

Trenton sprained his ankle playing basketball on Saturday.  As I understand, it was just a fun game with some local college guys, but the sprain was bad enough that no one knew if he could play any "real" games, and the nurse at the first aid booth thought he should see a doctor.

However, by this morning he was able to play, and they won their first game 41-14.

Paul is happy with how the small ensemble and group Bible speaking events went.  They're up against 12 other teams in group Bible speaking, and 27 in basketball.

 The track and field events are on Tuesday, with "field" (long jump, shot put etc) in the morning and "track" in the afternoon.  We'll see if Steven does as well in the 400 meter dash as he did at regionals, where he didn't train ahead of time and loped casually along far ahead of all the others.

The male trio sings at 4 pm Tuesday.

Basketball and table tennis continue.

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