Friday, November 16, 2012

Blog Tour, Day 6

Today's stop is at Crystal's Cliffnotes.  She read my Letters from Harrisburg in the RG when she was a child.  Have I been writing long enough for a child-reader to grow up and have children of her own?  Apparently so.

A fun read, and a giveaway of course.

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  1. Dorcas,
    I sent a check for $60.00 and said to send four books to me. I didn't say which four - I want four of your new book, "Tea and Trouble Brewing." I already have your other three. I sent the order Tuesday so you should receive my order soon if you haven't. I didn't have your e-mail address, so thought I'd let you know by commenting on your blog. I've enjoyed "taking" the Blog Tour and am looking forward to reading the book. Maybe I've thoroughly confused you. You may contact me at