Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Happy birthday, Steven!

Steven is 18 today.

He says he doesn't feel any older, and Jenny speculates it's because his REAL birthday is probably on a different day.

When you're an orphan in Africa, you can't go dig your birth certificate out of your mom's file cabinet to check for sure, so you have to guess.

But we all think we came pretty close to the actual date and age. The doctor too.

How do I describe Steven?  He makes lame puns with a straight face.  He communicates volumes with one raised eyebrow.  He is kind.  He grills steaks that make you sigh with their sheer deliciousness.  He is big, handsome, and athletic.

"A cool dude in a family of nerds," say his sisters.  They're right.  "Is Steven a shy boy?  Does he make friends?" my dad asked me with deep concern last August, and the girls and I got the giggles.  Shyness is not an issue, nor is a lack of friends.  Steven just has it, whatever that mysterious "it" is.

He will also groan "Oh MOM" if I describe him any further.

Steven loves apple fritters and wanted them to take to school for the traditional birthday treat to share.

So last night Emily and I made a big batch.

He was happy.

Today the sun was shining so Jenny and Steven went to Uncle Milford's antique vehicle lot and shot possible senior pictures.

(No, not a possible senior portrait.  Just cute.)
We are so blessed to have Steven in our family.

Quote of the Day:
"What do you call it when a crocodile helps you across the river?


  1. My son turned 18 yesterday, too! Why does it feel different from our girls turning "adult"?

    On another note, would you share the recipe?? :)

  2. I love this post (I think my comments on your blog often start this way). I loved these glimpses of your son.

    The notes on the apples really crack me up!

    I've always wondered what the popularity thing really is - I speculate that it's a scent some people exude. I don't know. Maybe you should do a post on that!

  3. Happy birthday Steven. I remember excitedly following along in the RG when he first came to live with you.

  4. Happy Birthday Steven--may you be blessed today and always! I vote for apple fritters too :)