Friday, May 20, 2005

Black Band-aids

You know, they really ought to make black band-aids. Steven has had a sore on his nose for the last few days and a normal "flesh" colored bandage stands out like a neon green one on mine. This morning I colored a band-aid black with a magic marker, which was an improvement but far from perfect.

When we were in Kenya we noticed that not even there did they have black bandaids. Why not? Was it because only the white Westerners used band-aids? Strange.

I did a bit of hunting on the internet today and found a few links. One was a story by an African-American wondering this same thing—why aren’t there any black band-aids? This person noted that you can get NFL bandaids, Smurf band-aids, neon pink band-aids, and flesh-colored band-aids, but not black or dark brown. He/she also noted that they don’t recall ever meeting anyone with skin the color of normal band-aids.

The other link was to a pharmacy that offered brown and black bandaids but was out of order.

Emily thinks when she grows up she’ll make and market black bandaids and make a ton of money.

Quote of the Day:
"I’m not wrestling. I just have my leg over his head."
--Steven, when Ben had asked him to stop and Emily told him he should only wrestle with people who want to wrestle and quit when they ask him to stop. Is this guy learning Real Smucker Logic or what?


  1. Dorcas, I am going to look again for sure, but I think I've seen dark brown band-aids at our local stores. Of course, nearly 65% of the local population is African American; so maybe here in the South, stores would be more likely to carry something like that. I'm going to check next time I am in town. You've got me curious.


  2. Naomi--that would be wonderful if you find some for me. I'll have you mail me a boxful.

  3. I have bought clear bandaids (made in Canada). I think I got them either at the Brownsville pharmacy or grocery outlet.

  4. This post reminds me of back when I was young and we had a TV in our home (we were not Mennonite), there was this sit-com about Doctors in which a black actor, Clevon Little, played a doctor. A nurse asked him to hand down the 'flesh colored' bandages, and Clevon's character says something like, 'these would not pass as flesh colored in my neighborhood.' I think this was back in the late 60's or early 70's. For some reason I never forgot that scene.

    I hope Naomi finds the bandaids for you, it is unfair that our medical industry looks only at the bottom line for sales of what they make available. May be the clear bandaids would work OK, but the soft fabric flexible bandaids are better bandages and cannot be made clear, but could be made in any other color. There is no excuse to ignore such a large part of our society that includes so many people of color. May be we should just make them all neon green just to even up the situation. {:>)

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  9. Hi Dorcas, I think this is more or less for the same reason people are scarred of black dogs and man prefer blond women for black haired ones. We live in a world led by prejudice people and ignorance...