Wednesday, May 04, 2005


For a non-teenager like myself, there's not much as frustrating as an uncooperative computer. Today, as some of you noticed, Life in the Shoe went completely blank. I fiddled and clicked, prayed and pounded, wished and begged. Nothing. I asked Paul for help. He couldn't do anything. Ooooooh nooooo all those posts gone and even worse all those nice comments. Weep.

Then I had the presence of mind to call on my friend Tom, a brilliant and helpful fellow over at Iced Tea Forever. (Tom, how do I link you?? Wanna comment and include your address?) "Republish the blog," he suggested. I did just that and it WORKED. Yessss!!!!!!! Applause, thanks, gratitude, relief.

Quote of the Day:
"Oh, a cat's life! Mom, do you know why I say, 'Oh, a cat's life!'? Because a cat's life is just wonderful. They can sleep whenever they want to; they don't have to ask before they cross the road; they can scratch and bite people whenever they want to and they never get punished; they can kill mice whenever they want to and they don't have to ask to go hunting."
--Jenny, who would actually hate being a cat because she couldn't talk all day


  1. No problem Dorcas, I was happy to help! I too missed LitS when I went on my daily surf and it wasn't there.

  2. I noticed as soon as I got home from work. Glad you're back up!

  3. I noticed too you were down. I've been checking in every day since discovering you were here! LOL

  4. So did I. In response to the quote of the day, if a cat scratches me, it generally gets punished without too much delay.

    The Baritone

  5. yeah i agree. if a cat scratched me i would deffinetly help it on it's way to the door.(no offence to cat lovers or anythin...)

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