Sunday, May 01, 2005

Randy's Question

I like Randy, one of Paul's many nephews. He has always had this conversational knack of asking the right questions to get people talking, and of listening to the answers.

For example, a while back Randy asked me if I ever plan to write a novel. Now how many 20-somethings do I know who would ask a 40-something aunt such a question? Not many.

I told Randy that I am not a fiction writer but if I ever write a Bethany-House-style novel the heroine will be ever so nice BUT fat and a bit ugly, AND she will marry the tall, dark, handsome hero. On second thought, maybe the handsome hero should have flaming red hair and be a great conversationalist.....(like Randy of course.)

Quote of the Day:
"I've learned a little from Mom and a lot from Zits."
--Matt, on what to say and not say to girls


  1. Could Matt educate us on his lessons from zits?

  2. Sheryl (Gingerich) Hooley5/02/2005 10:00 AM

    I second that request! That was exactly what I was going to ask!

    Also, it sounds like Randy has a genuine interest in others, and that's a very attractive quality. Of course, if one is TRYING too hard to be attractive, they no longer have a genuine interest in in others! One of the most tiring things I've experienced is listening to someone go on and on about their own lives - activities, interests, opinions, and insignificant details..... It's true that sometimes these people need a listening ear, and I want to provide that for them, but for myself I hope I can remember not to bend someone's ear so long that it aches to be released!

    It feels totally different when someone tells about their experiences for the purpose of encouraging me, or to share what God is teaching them. That's neat to hear. And I like hearing what's happening in general, too, just not meaningless details that never stop! Can the rest of you relate to that, or am I hard-hearted? : )

  3. Zits is a comic strip! Oh how I've learned from it, too.

  4. PeacefulLady5/02/2005 3:23 PM

    The power of asking good questions-- I agree, it is a very good quality. I have been trying to grow that skill and I find it interesting how much "more" I hear of a conversation when I want to ask questions of someone.

  5. Yeah, Zits is a comic strip, the main character is a 15-year-old who is a lot like I was a few years ago.
    Lessons I learned:

    1. Even if a girl says she wants complete honesty from you, she usually doesn't.

    2. If your girlfriend asks you if think this other girl is cute, you better think fast and try to dodge the question.

    3. Be careful how many wisecracks you make about your parents' age or weight.

    4. Your mom may be smaller than you, but she has a black belt in intimidation.

    There's other things I've learned, but I can't think of any more right now.

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