Thursday, May 26, 2005

Steven and the Birds

Steven has this amazing way with birds.

If you peruse the new BMS yearbook you will see a picture of Steven at the zoo with about five parroty-looking birds perched on his head, shoulders, and arms. He just somehow charmed them, the others said.

Yesterday Russell finished siding the house (WOO-HOO!!) and in the process flushed out a nest of half-grown starlings from the porch rafters or somewhere. Apparently he suggested to Steven that he make pets out of them which would have been perfectly ok except that Steven took this as license to take them into the house.

I entered the story at this point when I heard this commotion* in the living room and rushed in to find Steven chasing after two birds that were fluttering in opposite directions. He looked guilty and frazzled, and I’m afraid I blew a gasket when I found out what he was up to.

Steven and the birds were promptly dispatched outside. He managed to keep them on the porch, and dug a bucket of dirt in the garden and dug through for worms to feed them. I am not one to appreciate birds in the living room or worms on the porch so this was all kind of a trial to me.

Anyway, back to this kid’s amazing way with birds, I looked out at one point and he was sitting on the porch swing, bent forward, with one bird on his head and one on his back. All three just sat there quietly for a long time.

Later, Steven told me that the birds were screaming so he told them to calm down, and they did.

If I can survive Matt’s science experiments and Emily’s painting messes and Jenny’s nonstop chatter, I suppose I can survive this as well. And if Steven is a famous veterinarian someday, he’d better thank me.

* “commotion” at our house is probably “complete pandemonium” at yours; “commotion” at your house is probably “mere background noise” at ours

Quote of the Day:
“Do you need a campaign before you can have a press conference?”
--Jenny, who must be a typical non-voting but consumed-with-politics Mennonite


  1. Steven sounds like Dr. Dolittle--or Tarzan! :)

  2. You are a remarkable mother to be thinking ahead to your children's vocations in their interests and quirks as children. It's so easy sometimes to become impatient with them for all the messes they make and all the inconveniences that their little escapades cause. I expect such a mother will also have remarkable children.

    I am sorry to report that I have not been able to find any dark brown or black band-aids. I am almost sure that I have seen them sometime or another, but I guess I don't know when or where. Everywhere that I have checked, they have all said, "No we have never carried anything like that; in fact, we've never even heard of that." So I will not be able to help you this time. Sorry about that. You'd really think that there would be something like that on the market. Maybe the Association for African American Rights (whatever they are officially called) could lobby for something like that. :)


  3. Naomi--Thanks for all your research into band-aids. If you ever run across any, drop me a line.