Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Public Speaking

I finally figured out why I like public speaking so much.

I average about one speech a month, but last week I gave two. The first was to the Junction City Business and Professional Women’s Club, about Kenya, and the second was to the ladies at the Spring Tea at the Mohawk Community Church, about Blooming Where You Are Planted.

(That same week, I also hosted birthday parties for Jenny and Matt and had an article deadline, which may be a clue why I was plotting a book about Mom’s Great Escape.)

Most people rank public speaking right up there with snakes as one of their greatest fears. Not me. I totally enjoy it. It energizes me, unlike shopping and planning meals.

Anyway, like I said, it finally dawned on me why I enjoy it so much. (Note here that I have three teenagers, all Smuckers.) I get up there to talk and everybody listens to me, no one interrupts, and no one argues. They all watch me with rapt attention, and nobody rolls their eyes or mutters, "That doesn’t make any sense." Afterward, they affirm that I had valuable things to say and ask if they can buy my book.

That’s why I love public speaking.

Quote of the Day:
Paul: Amy will need a special husband that won’t let her win all the arguments.
Emily: But but but what about me??
Paul: Oh, you will too.
Emily: Whew. I want to know I’m just as good of an arguer as Amy is.


  1. Dorcas, I think you should have a time to talk to the women from your own church sometime.

  2. Dorcas, it is beyond my comprehension how one could carry a "sack of shame" from an Amish background, feel like she makes a complete fool of herself at least once a week, and still enjoy public speaking! I am envious. Aren't you afraid that a "complete fool" episode will happen while you're up there? As for me, my nervousness would INVITE such an episode to come upon me!!

  3. Carrie--I've actually spoken at two mother-daughter teas and two or three BMF Ladies' meetings...probably before you lived here.
    Sheryl--the difference is that when I speak up front I'm PREPARED. It's the unexpected, out-of-the-blue situations that always do me in.

  4. I also like to speak publicly, though at church mostly. I find it helpful for me to articulate what I believe as it makes it real and I get feed back that reinforces or redirects my thinking as is needed.

    This is why I like blogging and running a blog. Same thing as speaking, but without having to leave the house! Blogging is something that you can do at a pace that lets you think and rewrite to keep your thoughts together.

    Either blogging or speaking, they provide a 'sharpening' of the mind and they help me draw closer to God as I witness of His grace and mercy.

    Some day I want to hear you speak, for I do like your writing. Glad you did not lose your blog. Thanks Tom for helping Dorcas, (this is said here to keep me from commenting on two of your posts). {:>) Judging by the quote your daughters keep you and your husband alive and alert!

  5. Does the Holy Spirit not ever direct you to say something different than you have prepared? It's easier to speak to a guest audience than to your home church, is it not? I love the unexpected. Good thing God created a variety of us.

  6. Crysalis--Yes and yes. I deviate from the script now and then but not much. And it's much easier to speak to people I don't know, not least because I use people I know as Instructive Examples and hopefully no one knows who I'm talking about.

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