Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving morning and just a quick post
before I plug in the crock pot and get ready to host.
As a blogger, today, I just want you to know
I'm thankful for DSL after dial-up slow
And I'm thankful for people who stop by the Shoe
whether daily or seldom or many or few.
Lurkers and commenters, agreement and snark,
RC and Sis Becky and Arlene and Mark,
Humor and sympathy, advice or a lecture
Off on a tangent or purely conjecture.
I'm thankful for geeks who tweak HTMLs
And for daughters who pose as someone else.
I'm off to make dinner but please know this is true:
On this day and always I'm thankful for YOU.


  1. ~a reader from KS11/22/2007 5:52 PM

    I'm thankful to you for your very interesting stories!

  2. You're good at poetry too!!!

  3. Your comment section ate the nice bit of rhyme I tried to post for you.

    And I hadn't the foresight to copy it before attempting to post it.

    Oh well.

    Maybe I'll try it again later.

    Happy post-Thanksgiving anyway!

    (Ha. Now it's asking me to verify a word...that isn't showing up. This new fangled high tech stuff is way beyond me sometimes. Let's go back to engraving messages on rocks and throwing them toward each other.)

    Further update: I tried twice to post the above sometime between 7:35 and 7:45. Upon the morning's third PostAtDeeShoo failure, I attempted to reconstruct my work of art below (tain't quite the same as the lost original), saved it to a Notepad file, and gave the Web a break for a little while.

    My name doth rhyme with snark,
    But posting here is quite a lark;
    For sure I'm grateful for the hon'rable mention,
    So I'll make no further snark commention.

    I don't know how many times a day check Dee Shoo,
    I know it's far more times than I hear a cow moo.
    (Of said critters we have many on this place,
    So that comparion's far more compliment'ry than it may seem on its face.)

    Disclaimer (should it be necessary): I'm no poet but I can churn out a tortured rhyme if the occasion seems to require it.

  4. You ARE good at poetry. Thanks for My little moment of fame!! :)