Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tired of Mice

Twice in the last week I saw a live mouse in the laundry room wastebasket. The first was a frisky little guy who launched himself upward and practically levitated 8 inches in the air over and over but was unable to clear the top edge. The second stayed at the bottom of the wastebasket looking thirsty and tired. Paul got rid of both.

Then on Sunday right after dinner I heard a snap-screeeech. Sure enough, a mouse was barely caught in the trap and was screaming, which puts me right over the edge. Paul got rid of that one too.

And on Saturday one ran under the fridge and Matt made a valiant effort to kill it a la his save-the-day-like-David routine, but it disappeared completely.

And I've heard various scritchings and scratchings in such places as make it necessary to re-wash all the china for Thanksgiving, just in case.

And today in town I opened the glove compartment of the car to get my hand sanitizer and there were my kleenexes and spare Subway napkins in shreds. Ok, mice in the house are bad enough, but a mouse in the car is too, too, much.

It's only November, and I am tired of mice. It's going to be a long winter.

Quote of the Day:
"The reason I got up so late this morning was because I was trying to finish my dream."


  1. LOL....get a cat.


  2. Karen Stutzman11/21/2007 11:15 AM

    LOL--get an amazing rodent-control-dude to come to your house and put little black boxes with bait and "tracking powder" in corners and inconspicuous places and pay him lots of money!

  3. I am once again laughing. Zach has been setting two traps a day at our old country house, and catching two per day for several weeks now. And yes we wash anything before food touches it!!!
    -sil g.

  4. My sympathies. I've gotten squeamish in my old age, or maybe I'm just really tired of doing everything it takes to clean up after mice. The only times we have had no mice in the house here were the winter before we found a garter snake in the utility room in the spring (We'd found a snakeskin in the fall so we were suspicious there might be one somewhere, although we never found it then)and this year when the place has been overrun with cats now that we no longer have a dog that is death on cats. I'm enjoying living in mice-less luxury.

  5. We have got mice in the shed where the guinea pig lives. I keep finding them in his hutch. The smell is awfull. You have my sympefies. I must lay a trap tonight.

    Ruth Parkinson

  6. My comment is not about mice but is dircted to Emily's comment...I know exactly what she means!!!

  7. Try scattering dryer sheets around the house. I was told that mice don't like the smell, and it appears to work. Or put a garder snake under the house. :] Both seem to work! And then when the snakes get too much, scatter moth balls outside and they'll leave too! :} Hope you soon are rid of them! I understand, 'cause me and mice don't mix!!