Sunday, November 25, 2007


Many years ago Amy wrote a poem that I entitled Desperate for a Rhyme:
"God made
Many things there is.
People made
Bubbly fizz."

Emily and I like to brainstorm about hymns we know with questionable lyrics that can be taken more than one way. She thinks the authors were desperate for a rhyme. I think they just had trouble with pronouns. Such as:

"I will call upon the one whom the wind and waves command."

"Sin and death his kingdom shall destroy."

"Twas Gabriel first that did proclaim to his most blessed mother. . ."

Or maybe we're just weird, or we had a bit too much (non-alcoholic) bubbly fizz.

Quote of the Day:
Edit: quote of the day censored by embarrassed daughter.


  1. am so curious about qotd. :-)
    yes yes on the hymn rhymage. its kind of pathetic sometimes.

  2. Emily, now I REALLY want to know what you said! Pauline

  3. Not to mention the one song that says, "Here I raise my Ebenezer..." Believe it or not, you can google that phrase and get the meaning.

  4. Just read your post from Mom to son on proper responses to women! : ) Loved it! So much like some my sons and I have ! : )

  5. Am very is Emily doing by now?? Been praying for her AND her mother!!