Monday, March 29, 2010

Gender Confusion

Our children's imaginary friends have worked their way into the family lore in much the same way as pets and passing acquaintances and old neighbors. If one of us mentions Lima Bean or Walt Bowers or Strawberry Dimmock, anyone who was of a certain age at that time knows right away who we're talking about.

So, naturally, Darmunk, Island, and Trommin Cuter work their way into our conversations every so often. Those were Amy's imaginary friends, along with Lester, that smart little girl in the mirror who wore big girl panties just like Amy did.

This evening the conversation turned to Jenny's old friends Libba, Mobba, Sally, and Gick. It started when Amy showed up in pajama pants that I thought looked like knickerbockers, which led Jenny to talk about how sometimes she called Gick "Gickerbocker" like when she went out in the orchard and called him.

Him?? Gick was a guy?

Yes, Mom. (Implied: duh)

Well. I never knew that. What about the others, surely they were all girls?

"Yes, Mom. And Jason Oatmeal, he was a guy too."

Well, give me credit for that one, I always knew Jason Oatmeal was a guy.

Quote of the Day:
[In a loud hiss, with her hand over the telephone receiver]
"Mom!! Do I consider myself a Tea Party patriot??"


  1. That quote made me laugh.

  2. me too, byran.

    And the imaginary friends? I know what you mean. I had one named Gaga (gah gah). She needed couseling a lot. I remember the weight of responsibility, and the grave shaking of heads my sister and I would perform when we discussed her problems... :-)