Saturday, March 13, 2010


Survived my three talks today and Em survived her one despite great difficulties. Good times with the daughter, the sister-in-law (Barb) who showed up, the organizers, the relatives who surprised me by showing up, and lots more people.
One more talk coming up, to the girls students at Faith Builders Educational Programs, a Mennonite kind-of junior college. My talk is titled Coverings, Capes, and Calculus, on combining these divergent things of course.
We were going to stop at Barb's house tomorrow but you can't get in or out of her town because of floods. So she's spending the night here with us.

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  1. "My talk is titled Coverings, Capes, and Calculus"

    As a former chemistry professor, and a convinced Mennonite, that is a talk I would really like to hear.