Sunday, March 07, 2010

Today's column. . .

. . . is about our trip to Savannah, of course, and its lessons on permanence and ambition.

Here it is.


  1. I've always wanted to tour that area. If you haven't ready Eugenia Price's novels of the area, You would find them a delight. There's The Lighthouse, New Moon Rising and The Beloved Invador which are a trilogy. What you've written so adequately describes the life she depicts and she uses actual historical figures. Mary Horst

  2. hey dorcas. :)
    i wasn`t sure where a good "reply back" place would be. it`s so much fun to get back into reading blogs again. i`m enjoying yours and also picked up your book at my mom`s the other day. getting published would have to feel good. congrats! (i mean, i know it`s not your first time or anything)
    yes, if you can find any value in my ramblings- then i guess i have to say- quote on, my friend. good luck speaking! no, i won`t be there. it`s about 3 hours away. i`m sure you`ll have a high ol` time!

  3. Eugenia Price wrote a quartet of books on Savanah two of them Savanah, A Stranger in Savanah.

    Also a Georiga Triology

    The St. Simmons Island Triology

    Another book based in or near Savanah, sorry I don't have the title.

    Joy, IN