Monday, March 08, 2010

Hi, this is Jenny posting for mom. Mom is feeling very stressed (or so it seems) because she's going somewhere tomorrow and she just realized how much she still had to get done. She has my sympathy. The reason I'm writing this post is mom's hand hurts and she's also busy. Oh, and
mom's going to Virginia to visit Aunt Rebecca then to Guys Mills, Pennsylvania to speak at a ladies retreat. My mother has a very busy life as you can probably see.Anyway I hope mom can type her own post next time because I'm awful at typing.

Quote of the day:
"Wilton? He doesn't live here any more. He's dead."
--Ben talking to some guy on the phone who asked for Wilton.--


  1. Excellent job Jenny!

  2. Jenny, you did well and your typing was excellent. Phyllis

  3. Excellent, Jenny. Your typing had no errors I could see. Just keep tying. Phyllis