Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Transposed Memory Syndrome?

So last night at the supper table we were reminiscing about one era of Paul's teaching career, and I recalled the time "Jim" and "Amanda" were caught being too cozy in a windowless back room at school, and all the things that happened after that.

Paul said, "It was NOT Amanda! It was Jane."

I'm sure he was right, and that was kind of frightening, to think I had transposed these girls in my head, and the innocent Amanda was saddled with something she had never committed.

Which makes me wonder, how many of us are stuck in other people's heads in "memories" of things we never did.

And how many other memories of mine have had the original characters replaced with someone else?


  1. The experts say that when we recall an incident; we're actually remembering the last time we remembered it. Because of this; we can unknowingly change our memory of an event. Human memory is actually much less reliable than we believe.

  2. Which is also the reason we continually go back to the Word itself. It's the only reliable way to know the truth.