Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A Typical Episode

Why does this sort of thing always happen to me?

So, we all know how much I enjoy shopping with two children to start with, and then they don’t have any good sandals Steven’s size at Walmart and traffic is terrible and it keeps raining and then when I’m all worn out we end the day at WinCo where my 250-pound shopping cart keeps shocking us every time we touch it.

So, I shriek every time I get zapped and it is driving me crazy, so Steven being a True Son gets this wicked grin on his face and zaps me on purpose right by the tomato bin. That does it. I put my nose an inch from his and say, "You. Do. Not. Ever. Shock. Me. On. Purpose. Is. That. Clear?"

And just then this nice sweet senior citizen voice comes from right behind me. "Oh, are you by any chance Mrs. Smucker? I saw you here with your children and I just put it together that it must be you. I read your column religiously and I just applaud you for what you do."

Um,gulp, heh heh, yes, that’s me, heh heh heh, thank you so much.

Quote of the Day:
"Does Dad have a really deep belly button? Ben said he does."


  1. Too, too funny--both your post and quote! I am still chuckling.


  2. Dorcas--our crowns are getting bigger and heavier by the second!!!!LOL You didn't tell me all the normal trials of shopping w/ kiddos when I saw you---you didn't by any chance notice how well behaved mine were being!!!!!LOL

  3. The quote of the day is hilarious!!!!
    This week, Steven has been my childrens hero.They are talking about him all the time and how much they "love" him!!LOL!

  4. Can I be in your family, too, you know, just for the comic relief?