Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Off to the Wedding

Paul’s nephew, Kevin, is getting married to a lovely young lady named Brenda this Saturday. He is the first grandchild on Paul’s side to do so, and Paul and I are flying to Missouri tomorrow for the occasion.

Here is a partial list of what I need to do today to get ready:
Finish hemming Paul’s pants (he’s preaching, thus warranting the torture of trying on new dress pants at JCPenney)
Delete the pictures off the digital-camera card and make sure all batteries are charged (I’m photographer—insert brief interlude of panic here)
Pack clothes and toothbrushes for the three youngest children and hope that Matt delivers the right child and things to the right house tomorrow
Undo the damage from Bible Memory Camp (read about it here) which finished yesterday—tons of laundry and clean out the van
Pick the corn for Rita—it was ready TODAY, what great timing, and she said she would take it off my hands.
Make sure we have all the plane, rental car, and motel papers
And about 50 more things

Is it worth it? Of course. It has been a joy to see Kevin become an overcomer and to be a little bit involved in their courtship. (Remember the post about Smucker men?) This is an occasion worth celebrating.

Yay for nephews and romance and nervous brides and lots of details and a new house in Ohio and doing it all God’s way.

Quote of the Day:
"Nah, I’m not nervous. I wish I was, so I’d lose some weight."


  1. I hope you have an awesome time!!! give hugs to Ginny and Mina(both Millers)and our love to the people at Lincoln!!Especially Trumans,Neils,Merles,and of course all the relatives(which I guess is everyone!!:)And no telling of tales!!!!!!!

  2. Noooo Dorcas!! You disabled anonymous comments! All this does is makes it hard for those of us who don't use a blogger blog and for those who don't have a blog. People can still be anon. They just make up an account! It'll make it less handy for people who read my comments to get to my blog. They'll have to click my blogger profile, they'll have to click my (defunct) blogspot blog, they'll have to read nt last post, and they'll have to click the link to my new blog! The anon ability is a good thing!

    -Hans Mast

    Unless I type all that code above to sign my name.

  3. JC Penney-- at least the one where I work-- will do free hemming with the receipt. Maybe that will help you with your to-do list!

    Good luck with the pictures at the wedding!

  4. Hi Dorcas,

    I was just posting on my blog, first time for a spell and decided to check yours out. Very interesting. You do have a way about your writing that is most refreshing and so common.


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