Thursday, August 11, 2005

Yea and Nay

Yea for:
--my front porch and especially the swing
--grass-straw dust on the breeze
--being married to Paul for 21 years
--the brother who offered to teach Paul's class last night so he could take me out for our anniversary
--Torero's in Harrisburg. Hbg has about four convenience stores, two espresso stands, and a little pizza place. Not real out-for-supper places. Then along came this nice little Mexican restaurant with great food.
--another evening home alone
--cellular phones. I know, I know, they are such an intrusion and they speed up the pace of life so much and all that. But: I can reach my husband during harvest.
--the book my friend Arlene loaned me: Approval Addiction, by Joyce Meyer
--my vibrant petunia pots hanging along the porch

Nay for:
--my approval addiction
--forgetting more than I remember
--my sickly rose bed. Some short-sighted person planted it on the other side of the grapevine so I can't see it from the house all summer and forget to keep it up.

Quote of the Day:
"If you go somewhere when it's dark, you'll come home with some kind of food."
--Steven, who saw another take-out container of leftovers in the fridge this morning


  1. Happy Anniversary!
    I'm jealous of the porch.
    Also forget more than I remember.

    Yea for more yeas than nays. :-)

  2. Yea, I second that!!! Happy Anniversary.

  3. Roses are meant to be enjoyed. . .
    So. . .
    Why not just move your rose bed into a positive location?

    I wish my petunia pots were as vibrant as yours. Even pruning soesn't seem to help.

  4. Why not move the roses? I have a feeling they'd die en route, but maybe that would be better than being half alive.

  5. Yea for good times spent enjoying the "yeas" of life--move the roses--from what little I know(and thats not much!!)they'll survive the move!then you can enjoy them more!!Glad you had a great anniversary!!Heres to 21 more years!!!

  6. Happy Anniversary!

    Roses live forever. They come back evn when you try to get rid of them! Now is not the time to transplant though. Wait until late in the fall.

  7. And another Happy Anniversary! 21 years? I still remember your wedding. Guess that would have made me an impressionable 10 year-old. I think you had me for a gift receiver at your wedding if I remember correctly. Why? I am not sure...Maybe cause you boarded at our house for 2 yrs...Maybe cause you taught me in 3rd grade...Maybe cause you didn't know enough other 10 year olds in Oregon at that point. :-) Hope you have many more happy years together.

  8. An aquaintance of mine tells me we humans are more likely to enjoy beauty if we need to put some effort into seeing it, rather than having it if front of us all the time. Could one of the tribe nurse the rose bed back to health in its current location and your family could picnic next to it once a week or every day, if you like, during rose season.
    The other Sharon

  9. Esther, you were a gift receiver because you guys were my family in Oregon. I still marvel at how you took in this stray and took care of me. The Mennonite church ought to (beatificate? pontificate? conjugate?) their first saint: your mom.
    thanks to the other Sharon for the idea.